Monday, January 22, 2007

The situation so far...

Asthma sucks, having problems lately... I have a new prescription for Flovent, that I am going to get filled, and start taking.

The cold weather just hurts my lungs so much that I have become a home-body, with the thermostat turned up to 75°F (I used to hate to have it over 68°F). I am an idiot for signing up to go camping next month, as it includes an all-day outdoor event. I've also just been told that the cabin we are staying in lacks decent insulation. If I don't end up with pneumonia, it will be a miracle.* I am going to use my Flovent as directed, and will be crossing my fingers that it helps. I will also be buying warmer winter gear, including better boots and snowpants.

I am going through all of this, despite the fact that I probably should stay home, because there is a great reward awaiting at the end of the day --- the place we are staying at is very, very good for sledding!!! And we may actually still have snow this year to take advantage of it! Dumb reason to risk getting sick, yes, but for crying out loud, I am not ready to be a fussy old lady. I will do my best, and will bring my own stash of sugar-free cocoa, and have a ready supply of hand and feet warmers (they are pretty cheap at Wal-mart). I want to participate and cheer on the kids. I want to fly down the hill on a sled, get a red nose, and have my sides ache from laughing. I want to have snowball fights.

What I don't want is to be stuck at home, unable to participate.

Please let the Flovent work...

* Some of you may be thinking, "Well, she was certainly feeling good enough to stand outside yesterday morning while it was snowing for over an hour..." Well, yesterday, despite the snow, was fairly mild, and there was no wind. I did fine until the guy in front of me started smoking. He moved further away when he saw I was having problems (I didn't ask, he could just tell that it was bothering me), and after the smoke dissipated, I felt better. This event means many, many hours out in the cold and wind, with maybe not much chance to get warm later.

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