Friday, January 19, 2007

Why did I decide to do this tonight?

I'll admit it. I was motivated by boredom.

There is no other reason why I would decide, at 8:00 pm, to rearrange the living room. It all started innocently enough... My Christmas tree was still up. Only the lights were left on it, the lights being the reason I was procrastinating on taking it down. You try to find the motivation to remove 8 strands of lights from a seven and a half foot tall tree...

Well, from there, it snowballed out of control.

The corner was bare, so I decided to move the TV stand to that corner.

Well, the wall was bare now, so let's move the green chair to that wall, and put it at an angle.

Okay, now the space by the couch was empty, so let's angle the couch...

And so on.

It looks okay, but I am not sure that I like it yet. That will take a couple of days.

My back aches, but I am no longer bored... :)

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