Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still recovering

I am still trying to completely shake this stupid stomach bug. I have not been able to eat meat yet. Or rather, I tried a turkey sandwhich tonight, with all of three deli-thin slices of turkey and a piece of cheese, and it did not end well. I wish I had thrown up, as I probably would have felt better.

So, I spent all of the evening, from dinner until 10:15, curled up on my bed, trying not to move. I still don't feel all that great, but I ate some pretzels, and feel a bit better.

This is a problem, obviously. I have been eating mostly bread, and pastry-type foods, and I did eat homemade cheese pizza last night. I had bought steak for dinner tonight, but I decided to start out small, and thought a sandwich would be easier on my stomach.

I am sick of feeling crappy. I have things to do. I wish I had gotten this earlier, so I could gotten over it earlier, and at least have been more productive this week.

But, such is life...

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