Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How in the HECK did I get PINK EYE???????????

Yes, folks. I woke up this morning with my right eye glued shut.

Last night, I noticed that it was red, and itchy, and goopy, and figured that I probably had it. I did my little google search to see what the symptoms were, and was puzzled by the "feels gritty" part, until I tried to sleep last night. Yee-uck.

I called First Nurse this morning, once I got my eye unglued enough to be able to see the Yellow Pages. "Highly contagious, stay home, call your Doc to get a prescription." I knew all of this, I just needed confirmation.

My son had pink eye when he was in first grade. I don't think I have ever had it before. I don't think anyone I know, or have been in contact with has it. The nurse asked if I had a cold, and I do. It just started getting bad yesterday, so it's probably a side effect of my cold.

Just a few more minutes before the doctor's office opens. I hope that the pharmacy opens at 8 on weekdays.

This should be fun...

Update: Yes, they are making me come into the doctor's office... darn it. Okay, I have to sneak out to the grocery store, so I can at least get some caffeine, garbage bags, and quarters for laundry... I am going to go NUTS here today if I don't! I promise I won't touch anything!


Anonymous said...

cool, but do u know how u got it?

Anonymous said...

cool, did u ever find out how u got it?