Thursday, January 11, 2007


I was going to post after I got home from work at 9:15 PM. Yep. After 9.

Okay, so I went home to get my son, then filled the car up with gas, drove to my sister's house, chatted for a bit while picking up my camera charger, ran to Culver's, picked up supper, and went back to work to open the labs for someone at 6. Then, I trained lab monitors until almost 9:00.

I've been reading for about 45 minutes, and am almost ready to go to sleep. The problem lately is that if I am not completely sleepy when I crawl into bed, I will lie there awake for a long time, or never get into deep sleep at all. So, I try to avoid going to bed until I am exhausted, because I will sleep better.

So, I was going to post earlier about this winter storm that is headed our way.

Lots of snow, cold, wind, ice. Fun, fun, fun.

Nice weekend to pick for it. I actually have a party to go to on Saturday. Of course, it is probably going to have to be postponed, due to the weather (lots of people coming in from hours away). I should know better than to look forward to things by now.

Okay, I am cold enough, and tired enough to go to sleep now. Watch for more weather updates!!!

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