Sunday, January 21, 2007

Woo hoo!!!!

We got to best Buy at 9:45, and we could already see the line outside of the store before we even got to the parking lot. We counted the people in front of us, and my heart sank. Each store was only guaranteed to have 20 Wii's, and there were 26 people ahead of us. But, we got in line anyway (a friend had told us that Best Buy had actually received a couple of shipments that they did not put out on the shelf, but had saved back for today). At 10, the guy in charge came out and told us that we would be getting a ticket, and that they had 30!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! The store would be opening at 11, and the ticket holders had to stay in line. People there for support could go run and get coffee and stuff, but the ticket holders could not leave and come back.

It snowed the entire time we waited for the store to open - an hour and fifteen minutes. Once in the store, we had to wait more, for everyone to check out. The Wii boxes were at the customer service counter, and I could see people, some of them with several gift cards in hand, and piles of games, extra Wii-motes, and other stuff. It took us about 35 minutes before it was our turn (they had 2 registers open for us). We signed up for the Best Buy Rewards program (which was free), so we will end up getting a $5 gift certificate in the mail later.

We have one very, very happy kid here. He's played baseball already (and lost - he needs to work on his stance and timing!), and is starting the new Zelda game he got for christmas. He doesn't even want to eat lunch.

Now, if only we could find another control so that we could box each other... ;)


dive said...

Woo, and indeed Hoo!
Well done, Jennifer. I think you've earned a bit of R&R after all the hassle.

Now just remove all light fittings and every ornament from the room and don't do what Tim at work did; tumble over the arm of a chair and put his back out.

Enjoy …

nerdgarden said...

Cool! I'm glad your patience and persistence finally paid off!

You'll have to write up a full review!

I haven't heard yet of an exploratory committee having been formed by the offspring over here, but that doesn't mean it isn't in the works. At least he has it in his head that the whole PS3 thing isn't happening anytime soon....

Hey--we finally got snow!

Take care.


jennifer said...

G. - According to my son, one of his friends has a PS3, and hates it. $500 down the tube. I think it is pretty telling that there were more Wii's available from the start than PS3's, but the PS3's aren't even moving from the shelves here.

Exploratory committee note: The Wii costs about half of what a PS3 costs.

And it is dang fun to play!

nerdgarden said...

All I've read says that the PS3 is a mistake as well. And I don't trust that proprietary blue-ray whatever-it-is any further than I can throw it.

As long as they keep up with new titles for the PS2 I think we'll stick with the status quo... ;)

It's also pretty telling that people are still standing in line for the Wii's and the eBay prices for PS3's plummeted almost immediately.... (like, all the people that stood in line for them initially totally wasted there time because now there's literally no demand...).

Hope the breathing gets better--I've got some sort of upper bronchial chest lung thing going on right now that I'm not really thrilled with either...