Sunday, January 14, 2007

Snowing already

The bulk of the snow is still on the way. (and coming down even harder than when I started this post just a few minutes ago)

I finally just removed the ornaments from my Christmas tree, and put them away. I am not quite up to tackling the lights yet, so that may wait until later today. I am waiting to get that space back.

I may end up moving the TV to that corner I would like to rearrange the living room a bit, but am not quite sure how I want to arrange things. Better to plan first, then move things once.

Okay, break time is over. I have a list of chores I want to finish today, so I can just sew and research tomorrow. I keep having to remind myself how long it is really going to take to make, trim, and bead a court gown, and how long it takes to make a good corset. The months are going to fly by to September.

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