Friday, January 05, 2007

Things I did today

or, "Why my back and legs hurt so damn much."

1. Could not sleep until 12:30 am.

2.Woke up at 6:45 am, showered, knocked the twelve-year-old out of bed,
moisturized my face (fat lot of good it will do), and finished getting
ready for work).

3. Made oatmeal in my commuter cup to take to work, because my stomach is still icky.

4. 7:25 am, out the door. TG for no frost!!!

5. 7:30-7:50, checked email while eating oatmeal. Answered email.

6. 8:00-11:30, cleaned the third lab. Dust, windex the tables, sweep under the tables. Had to quit with just two rows left to sweep under, as my back was killing me. Took a 10 minute break every
hour to check up on email and voice mail, plus set up the temp schedule
for next week.

7. 11:30 - noon, edited pricing sign, printed it
on the color printer, and noticed huge quality problem that I thought
had been taken care of. Calibrated the printer, no improvement, so
submitted a service request.

8. noon-1:15, ran to Wal-mart for various items for the lab, including huge-ass flowers to tape to the pens so we don't hemorrhage pens at the rate of 3 a day. Pink flowers, of course. ;)

9. 1:15-1:35, answer email and voice mail. Damn service number of the printer changed, so had to fill out a new service request. They'll be here Monday.

10. 1:35-2:15, finished cleaning third lab, including taking steel wool to the sink, because it got gross again. Moved all cleaning stuff to first lab.

11. 2:15-4:25, cleaned first and second labs, and ran radmind on the first lab machines to propagate the new Cinema4D r10. Answered email and phones, and straightened things up. Realized that there was no way to finish everything before having to pick up my son from DI. Will have to work Sunday. Ug.

12. 4:25-4:50, moved older Dells to better places in storage, so things looked nice. Got books and manuals ready for the give-away next week. Shut down all machines, pushed in chairs, and turned off lights (hey, that takes longer than you think with 80 workstations, even if only 40 were on).

13. Picked up my son. Oh crap, they got out at 4:30 today, not 5.

14. Got quarters for laundry (hahahaha, snuck that in there!)

15. Made dinner, ate, and did the dishes because the dishwasher was running already.

16. Sat on couch with heating pad and watched a movie with my son. Ouch.

17. Decided that if I want to get my corset done this week, I have to finish altering the pattern. BTW, tracing pattern pieces and altering them to fit is extremely time consuming, and has to be done while standing. I spent an hour and a half on this tonight, and an hour on Wednesday night. And it still may not work, due to the fact that the sizes I had to use were on two separate pattern size groups. Plus, all boning channels had to be redrawn for 3/8" boning as they were originally for 1/4" steel boning. I also had to shorten the pattern, because apparently, I am a mutant whose neck to waist measurement means I should be a size zero. Two and a half hours invested, and I haven't even cut a single piece of fabric yet. Tomorrow morning, I am going to cut and sew the mockup, fitting it to my... wait for it... DRESSMAKER'S DUMMY!!!! If it fits, it'll be a miracle, and I can start working on the real one. I am going to hand sew the lacing eyelets for the back, and use hooks and eyes for the front, so it can be worn even if my weight fluctuates a bit (like that ever happens, snork, snork...).

So, that's a synopsis of my boring, but busy day. So when I say that my back and legs ache, you'll know why. I'm going to go sit with the heating pad on my back for awhile...

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