Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Holding on here.

After my wild day of laser cutter training (11 people trained), I could hardly walk, move my arms, and my voice was nearly gone. I was in a fog by the time I was done at a bit before 3pm.

Good news today: My son got 34 points out of 35 on his social studies test! Yippee!!! He raised his grade from a "D" at midterm, to a "C" on his report card, and is now getting a "B". For a special treat, I picked up chinese food on the way home from work (his favorite), and did not tell him until I got home. I explained that I was very proud of the way he had worked hard to raise his grade, and that I appreciated it. It's pretty damn hard to raise your grade in a class where you don't have access to the book all of the time, because there aren't enough books to go around. Note: Basically, the book is 8 years old, but even that is better than no book at all. However, a batch of books got damaged when they moved to the new school, and couldn't be replaced, or got lost when at the repair place, or something. So, if the kids want to take a social studies book home, they have to check it out overnight. And people griped about the new textbook fee... Cry me a river. $25/per kid per year, prorated if the kid qualifies for free/reduced lunch. Get the kids some damn textbooks already. Okay, back to the post...

After dinner, since I knew I had errands to run, and laundry to do later in the evening, I rested on my bed for awhile. I did not really sleep, as I was too cold, but I was able to at least rest my eyes, and my mind for awhile.

On the drive to religious ed, I was talking to my son about something, and he said, "I can tell you're tired just by the way you are talking."

I just wish the weather would get nicer. I'd feel so much better if it weren't so damn cold.

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