Thursday, February 01, 2007

Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'

This morning, I realized that I had left my iBook in the truck of my car since leaving work yesterday. The temps were well below freezing last night.

I am writing this post on that same little iBook, after letting it acclimate to room temperature all morning. Still working, and we'll see how the battery holds up this afternoon.

This is one of the original white iBooks, released in May 2001. I bought it in October of 2001, after it had served it's early life as a floor model at our computer sales department. It has been through a lot, and just refuses to give up.

It's slid off of the car seat when I had a sudden stop, while it was on, BTW. No problem.

Dropping it about a foot onto the corner where the power jack is located merely broke something in the tray-load DVD drive, so that it won't stay shut without tape. Still works, though. Scary moment.

Somehow, though, the ethernet port decided to die. So it appears that this is the beginning of the end for this little workhorse. Well, it hasn't been my workhorse machine for a couple of years, but it holds my music and pictures very well, and is extremely useful when I have to go to the labs or studios to work on machines, or to hunt down rogue wireless base stations.

I love this little iBook, and hope it continues to work well for at least another couple of years.

And I promise I will try very hard not to leave it in the car overnight again...

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