Sunday, February 19, 2006

Meeting the parents

My little, baby sister, whom we affectionately call movie star is very excited. She called last night, on her way home from Fort Dodge, and we talked for over an hour. We haven't had much of a chance to talk for months, as she works and goes to college, and is seldom home anymore. We had a great conversation about everything that has been going on in our lives.

She was excited because she was meeting her boyfriend's parents for the first time this morning. She was going to church with them. He's hung out at mom and dad's house tons of times, so he already knows them fairly well. I could go on about the advisability of meeting in church, but really, I'm glad to see she can get up that early in the morning, especially since my parents were having most of their friends over last night.

We talked about Valentine's Day, and how sick she was. She nearly had to go to the emergency room, due to the stomach flu. She lost ten pounds, and since she really had lost a lot of weight the summer before last (when my grandpa was sick), and never has time to eat, she really got very weak. Her boyfriend brought her flowers, and stayed for quite awhile, until she fell asleep. He sounds very sweet, and us girls can't wait to meet him. My brother-in-law, Justin, who pretty much has been around our family for over seven years, is anxious to meet this kid to see if he is good enough for the baby of our family. Ought to be interesting...

Anyway, it was absolutely great to get to talk to her, as we have always been really close. She's the one who picks out my clothes sometimes, and gives me her cool jeans when she is tired of them (although, she's gotten thin enough that that is no longer possible). She keeps me from feeling too old, and I introduce her to new music in exchange.

It's been too long since I've seen my family, but in three weeks, I'll get a whole weekend to goof off and have fun with them. I can't wait.

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