Saturday, February 11, 2006

The "V" Word

Yes, folks, in case you haven't noticed, the moment the Christmas decorations went down, the stores were covered in a tide of red and pink. Hearts everywhere, reminding everyone to for-god's-sake-don't-forget-about-Valentine's-Day.

As if we could.

I'm all about the concept of Valentine's Day. Love is wonderful, and we sure as heck need it in this world. I'm not about to get all grinchy and resent those around me because they are enjoying the holiday. But it's not a holiday that I decorate for, and I don't feel the need to run out and buy expensive presents for my family. Valentine's Day has always been low key for my family. We exchange cards, and I usually give my son a box of candy (as if he needs anymore, because Valentine's Day is one of the only holidays they are allowed to celebrate in school). It's more about appreciating family for us. It's been so long since I've had an actual Valentine Valentine that I don't even get hung up on it anymore. I just make a special dinner, we usually call my mom and dad, and that is that. When my son goes to bed, I watch a chick flick, and that's the end of that until next year.

Except for those who are all about rubbing it in. The singleness, I mean. "What are you doing Valentine's Day?" they ask, all innocent and just loud enough so everyone can hear.

"The same thing I do every night... Try to take over the world," I answer in all seriousness. Because you know that's what I am planning in my evil laboratory... ;)

So when I went to the store today, I really wasn't expecting the mad rush of people everywhere. It was as bad as Christmas Eve, almost, what with people crowding the aisles, flowers everywhere... I was glad to leave, after I wrestled my way to the boxes of chocolate, which, by the way, now come with "git 'er done," and other manly sayings on the lid. I also saw chocolate fish. As in, a hunk of chocolate shaped like a fish, with a semi-realistically painted foil cover, labeled, "You're a keeper!" I just about bought the "git 'er done," box for a friend, but couldn't quite bring myself to pick it up. What if someone actually saw it in my cart??? :)

On second thought, I may have to go get one of those anyway, as I doubt anyone will believe me without evidence. I'll take a picture for posterity. And this friend may just get this for Valentine's Day after all...

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