Monday, February 27, 2006

Serious gmail addiction...

I think it is very dangerous for me to keep gmail open, sitting peacefully in the dock until you mouse over, when it lists the number of messages in your inbox.

I don't use my gmail account for much, other than personal correspondance, flylady reminders, and comment notification for this blog. So, in the midst of doing other things, if my mouse happens to enter that area of the dock, and I see that there are new messages, I have to, HAVE TO check to see what's new.

Likewise, if it doesn't change for a long time, I have to CHECK TO SEE IF THINGS ARE STILL WORKING. Because there actually was a nearly 24 hour period when my account did not register or show any new messages, and then suddenly I had over 20, with timestamps covering that entire 24 hours. Including a couple from a friend that were important, and meant almost missing out on something fun!

SO... (I know, I use that word entirely too often)

So, like, post a comment or something. Tell me about YOUR gmail addiction, and how you try to quit, but just can't. Tell me about another technology that owns you, body and soul...

Come on, gmail, let those numbers change.... come on... big bucks, no whammies!!!

1 comment:

nerdgarden said...

Surprisingly, I never caught on to the gmail thing. I have an account (I think) but I never used it much and haven't checked it in forever.

I'm pretty tied into my work e-mail though (unfortunately). I check that from everywhere and pretty much use it as my primary e-mail account.

Anyway. I guess I don't even know your gmail address--I didn't realize you used that as your primary e-mail account. (Should I be embarrassed about bothering you at work when I use that address??)