Saturday, February 18, 2006

People, it's cold outside.

After I got home from lunch (Panera, yummy and fun!) today, I had to drag my son out to go to the library. He needed to renew a book, and we needed to take the movies back. I also needed some new books to read, as I have read everything on my bookshelf too many times to count, and my tote full of the rest of my books is in the attic of the garage at my parents' house.

I ended up with three Philip K Dick books, including one of short stories (he's the king of short stories, which is why Hollywood likes to make them into movies). I also picked up two romance novels, by one of my favorite authors, along with a few movies.

Obviously, I am preparing to stay inside the rest of the weekend.

It is cold outside. How cold is it? Well, it's 9°F right now, but it was -13°F overnight. Trust me, it's cold, and I intend to spend the rest of the weekend in my jammies, eating valentine chocolates, and reading trashy novels interspersed with intelligent sci-fi. Ah, what a life...

In between these bouts of self-indulgence, I will have to listen to, "mom, I'm hungry," at least 50 times a day, most often less than 20 minutes after he's eaten, and "Will you play with me" (which actually means, will you let me beat the crap out of you at Super Mario Smash Brothers).

But that's okay, because that's what weekends are for...

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