Thursday, February 23, 2006


Unaccountably sleepy this afternoon... My eyelids are drooping, and it's all I can do to stay awake. Keeping busy is holding it off somewhat, but it's overly warm in my office right now.

I woke up from a very good dream this morning with an upset stomach. The clock said 5:03, or so I thought. I looked again, and it was 6:18. I set my alarm so that I can press snooze several times before having to face the day. This morning, I reset the alarm so I could go back to uninterrupted sleep for awhile.

My upset stomach has continued throughout the day. No fever, just too much heat in my office, and I wore my wool suit today (did I mention it is also lined, so twice the heat generating capabilities).

"Roog," btw, is the next story in the PKD collection, and is told from a dog's POV. Interesting. I am on my third read of this collection, trying to read it once a year.

I am on the third, longer story, which will be familiar to some from the movie by the same name. We'll save that for a future post...

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