Thursday, February 09, 2006

Okay, obviously I am stupid, and probably left my mail client running at work...

I remember quitting it. Honestly. But I am having this problem lately where all of the days are running into each other, and I have difficulty remembering exactly when something happened. This is what happens when you do the same repetitive tasks over and over again, until you can't actually remember doing them.

I have gotten a couple of list emails for the macosx server list, after changing my password (one way to force my mail client at work to stop working). I am assuming things are normal now, but I will have no way to tell before tomorrow morning.

You can still email me if you want to :)


nerdgarden said...

Can you SSH into your work machine from home? Our campus has a firewell that blocks access from off-campus, but with a VPN client I can get inside the firewall from home. Then figure out the pid of the e-mail client and just kill it?

Well, and maybe there is something wrong with your mail. I'm pretty sure I sent you an e-mail last week and I never got a reply. (Just kidding, just kidding--I know you're busy...)



jennifer said...

I have all sharing turned off to the work computers unless absolutely necessary, and I was wracking my brain to try to remember if I had turned it off the last time (yep, I had).

Turns out that I had left the dumb client running, which is so totally not like me. I can't remember EVER forgetting to quit it.

And yes, I forgot to reply to your email. Too hyper that day!!!!

BTW, I just have to say again congrats on all of your good news this week! Are the kiddos excited about mom's new job, too? You weren't kidding when you said when it rains it pours :)

nerdgarden said...

Don't sweat the e-mail reply--I'm only being silly (as I said, I know you have better things to do during the day...)

I don't think the kids grasp this yet, and I still don't know that it has sunk in for me either. Of course it is 2:00 in the morning and I can't sleep. Sigh.