Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So, I figured out my problem...

Right after I quit feeling sorry for myself about having a bad day yesterday, things started turning around a bit.

I located our missing ladder! Yay! I figured out why our colorburst server was running out of hard drive space (it not only saves the .tif preview, but also a copy of the printed file. We had files dating back to JUNE in the "done" folder).

I also learned for real how to make a symlink on my server so I could move my radmind folder off the boot partition and onto its own volume. Which may seem really stupid of me, but the book I had that explained this was a little obtuse. All they needed to do was write down the command in such a way that it would be easily understandable to an idiot like me:

% sudo ln -s /path/to/new/radmind/location /var/radmind

(where /var/radmind is the original location, and the radmind folder having already been ditto'd to the new location, and the original folder moved to the desktop until confirming that the link worked. Yes, I am paranoid.)

Simple, and I already made a note in the MacOS X Unleashed book so I won't forget it.

So, lots of stuff got done, I learned a bunch of new things, and even got started on plans to update my radmind documentation, and various parts of the lab resource site.

To further get into a good mood after work, I am listening to some really good mash-ups on my iPod shuffle (favorite is Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Stefani vs. Snoop vs. ZZ Top). You have to hear it to believe it!). It makes even boring housework fun!

Okay, time to hang up and get back to work....

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