Monday, February 26, 2007

Aches, pains, and a heck of a lot of work to do tonight.

My son did not have school today. Due to the precarious weather situation, he had to go to work with me today.

I got up at around 6, and hopped into the shower. I woke him up around 6:25, got breakfast, and finished getting ready. By 6:55 am, we were outside with the broom, trying to get the 10 inches of snow off of the car. Luckily, the doors opened reasonably well, except for the fact that the driver's side door will not open from the outside. I think it is well and truly broken.

By 7:20, we had the car cleared off, and the ice scraped. I am glad that I went out on Saturday and cleared the worst of the ice off, or we'd have had to have been out there even earlier. As it was, I started backing out, only to realize that, yes, the people who plowed the parking lot blocked everyone in. I was kicking snow and ice chunks, and was finally able to get the car out.

We went out for lunch, and the main roads were starting to get snow tracked back onto them from the side roads. By after work, the bottom of my car was hitting snow on Lincoln Way, which had been clear earlier in the day. We saw one car in the ditch near Hy-Vee, and another car nearly get stuck on the other side of the street.

Tonight, on the way to our meeting, as we were sitting at our stop sign, a car turned onto our street, went about 10 feet, and got stuck right in the street. Big mess. Lots of cars getting stuck in driveways and the side street intersections. Things just keep getting worse tonight.

Tons of tree limbs down, and some look like they could go any minute. There is part of an evergreen tree draped over a power line near the Wells Fargo right next to HyVee.

Work was very physical today, on top of the early morning snow moving. I barely sat down all day, and my back and legs are on fire. I have more sewing to do than I can believe, but the good news is that the telethon on Saturday doesn't start until around 9pm. That means I have five days and several hours to lose 9 pounds in order to fit more comfortably in my dress.

Oh, and guess who is going to also be at the telethon, besides the Sheriff Norbert Sookup?

Superman, Brandon Rouch. If he were several years older, my poor little heart wouldn't be able to take it...

Sigh.... time to get back to work... and time to run around the apartment building after all of the ice cream that I ate at the meeting tonight...

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