Thursday, February 08, 2007

Magic Pill

I am serious, folks. If you know of anything that will fix this, please let me know (key is that I have high blood pressure, so cannot take most OTC cold remedies, except in small doses. As in ONE-half a dose of sudafed severe cold formula ONCE a day).

Let's get out the list of symptoms, in the order of appearance:


1. Scratchy throat
2. Fatigue


3. Throat is worse
4. Congested
5. just a cold, stuffy nose


6. Woke up with a severely sore throat
7. Check back of throat for bleeding, it hurts so bad
8. slight fever
9. headache
10. dry cough
11. Did I mention that my throat hurt?


12. Still sore throat
13. still headache
14. started sneezing
15. Okay, runny nose, but feel overall much better. Fever is gone by noon.
16. By bed time, very tired and sleepy, have used a large amount of kleenex
17. Sinus problems.


16. Woke up after decent night's sleep
17. Went to work cheerfully, with a third of a box of kleenex
18. Realize I may have made a mistake going in to work when box of kleenex is gone before 11 am.
19. Massive sinus pain
20. Nose is raw
21. Head still hurts
22. Another half a box of kleenex is now gone
23. Sudafed is not helping
24. How much longer is this going to last?
25. Still coughing, too, btw

So, yeah. Feeling pretty crappy. I really should have stayed home again today. If I can just get through tomorrow...

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nerdgarden said...

OTC drugs affect your blood pressure? Are you on meds for your blood pressure? I just got put on a second one--I'm taking Lisinopril and now I'm taking something called Timolol as well. I hit a 120/85 the other day when the lady came to check me from the life insurance company.

If I were in your shoes I'd take massive amounts of NyQuil (either in liquid or 'LiquiCap" form). I don't know that it makes me feel better, but I do know that I'm not awake long enough to know how bad I feel. :)

Hope you feel better soon. Both of my offspring have been home sick all week long (strep) and one of the local high schools south of us was contemplating closing down for the week because so many kids were out sick.

Hang in there.