Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow Again

More snow this afternoon. It was enough to cover the windows in the short amount of time it took us to run into Hy-Vee, grab a $5 Friday Pizza, bread, new peanut butter, and diet Pepsi.

About the peanut butter...

Yes, we ended up having a half-eaten jar of the peanut putter that was recalled. Peter Pan is the brand. Yesterday morning, I grabbed the loaf of bread and the jar of peanut butter, so that I didn't have to leave work to get lunch (and it just sounded good).

So, I bring up a news site yesterday morning, and I see the lovely news that peanut butter was recalled. I grabbed the jar, and sure enough, I see the 2111 code. I threw it away, and then found out this morning that I could have brought it in for a refund. Oh well.

Tonight, when we went to the peanut butter section in the store, in place of the Peter Pan was the store brand peanut butter. Since I don't like the store brand, we bought a different type that we had tried when it was on sale. We don't like it as well as the Peter Pan (which I could eat straight from the jar), but it will do until they can get more. Obviously, their entire stock had to be returned to the company, and who knows when they will get more.

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