Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tell me again how you ended up learning to sword fight this afternoon?

I registered my son for a stage combat class that was held this afternoon. I fully inteded to just drop him off, go get some movies, do errands, etc. But, some of my friends were there from DMRF, so you know how that goes.

Then, I intended to just stay and watch, but they made me get up and do the exercises, and then the next thing I knew, I was learning stage combat. Go figure. Not easy to do when your sinuses are still swollen, and your head hurts.

I actually didn't feel too terribly bad for about the first hour. The last hour and a half were not great. Right now, I feel pretty damn bad, and am regretting participating. Even if it was fun. And I got to play Benvolio in a scene in Romeo and Juliet, but didn't get to fight. I love Shakespeare, but I always forget that until I am actually reading it aloud. Beautiful!

And my son rocked it, totally. He's good with a line, and decent with a sword.

We'll get him on a stage yet.

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