Saturday, February 10, 2007

Further proof that the Intarweb is smaller than you think...
11:23 PM - TRON GUY lives... (posted by JohnPaul )
Years ago, I met Jay Maynard via renfest circles. He's helped bring show guides down from a printer in Minnesota to events in Iowa, and he, and friend Valentine Payne, have been great supporters of regional renaissance events such as the Siouxland Renaissance Festival in South Dakota.

A few years ago, Jay put together a TRON costume for a computer/sci-fi convention contest. He won, and by posting pictures of his costume creation process, he became one of those "internet phenomenoms" that pop up from time to time.

I had a comment left by a "Jay" on my Tron Guy post, which I wrote while giggling at the new PC/Mac/Linux pic WWdN posted yesterday, sinus pressure and all. This commentor told me to ask that Pirate Comedy Show guy about him. So, I clicky-ed (sorry, still sick, so I am going to be clicky-ing and otherwhat-ing all over the place) his post name to get the profile, and got a "not public profile" thingy, so therefore was in a muddle as to who this person was who wanted me to ask JP, who I won't see for at least another few weeks, providing he is also doing this telethony thingy. There are Jays who worked at the DMRF, but since I came in so late, I mostly just knew people as Phileeeeeep!, Little John, or ScurvyLocks, unless they were on the court (yeah, I know, weird, but 'tis the way it is).

Now, there are some thingy's going on for the Des Moines Ren-faire people next month (telethony thingy), and i was wondering if there was an update thingy on the atthefaire site, so I clicky-ed over there, and saw that there was a video montage thingy posted from the 16th. Sweet!

Then I scrolled down, and Jay became - hey Tron Guy posted at my site! Sweet! And he knows JP! Sweet! And he does Rennie things! Sweet! It all becomes clear now...

---Okay, I watched the Video Montage, and it brought a tear to my eye - not just because of the sinus infection... I can't wait for faire season!!!!!!

(I'm the Lady in the Big Red Dress.)

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