Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sometimes, I annoy even myself.

I just had another, "Oh Crap!" moment. I was supposed to send out a time-sensitive email. I forgot to do it until just a little bit ago.

I am trying to not forget stuff like this, but since I have been forgetting to do things while in the middle of doing them, it is no surprise that it happened.

To combat this forgetfullness, I have been trying to do most things immediately once I know I need to do them. I had fully intended to send out this email Monday night when we got home. Instead, I made and ate dinner, because I had felt sick to my stomach after work, and hadn't eaten since lunch. After dinner, all thoughts of this email had fled in the food-induced coma.

It is going to be an early night tonight...

1 comment:

nerdgarden said...

"Of course I sent it on time. There must be a delay with the mail server or something...."