Friday, February 23, 2007

Busy day

After work, I went to pick up my son. We had to go to the grocery store, as the weather is supposed to get nasty tomorrow. I figured I'd save myself a trip, and get some kid-help while I was at it.

While we were in the store, it lightninged and hailed more. Everyone was talking about it. I was more concerned at that point with getting groceries, and my son was very occupied by the free samples. He discovered, after years of refusing even the smallest bite, that he likes apple pie (I was more adventurous, and tried the pineapple upside-down-pie - Heaven!). We did not buy any, however, as I have a dress to fit into a week from tomorrow.

Yes, a week from tomorrow. Variety Club telethon. Full-court dress.

After resting on the couch after dinner, I suddenly realized that this thing was only a week away, and I still hadn't finished the high-necked smock I needed to wear with my gown, nor had I stitched a single piece of trim to the bodice.

I worked an hour and forty-five minutes on the smock tonight. I managed to sew the underarm gores to the sleeves, the inner seam of the sleeves, and the gathering stitches for the wrists. I ironed the seam allowance on the cuff facing, and narrow-hemmed one of the cuff ruffles (TG for narrow-hem feet for sewing machines). This doesn't sound like much, but for the narrow hem, I had to press each edge to be hemmed 1/4 inch, then fold that in half and press 1/8 inch. This let me feed that edge through the narrow-hem foot. It took forever.

While I was working on the narrow hem, I realized that I was getting very, very sleepy. So, once I finished that one, I put my sewing stuff away, unplugged the iron, and decided to take a break.

(And it just hailed a little more...)

I am going to have to work really, really hard this weekend to get everything done around the house, and still be able to finish the smock, and get most of the work done on my gown. I have no wish to be up until past midnight every night this week.

How did I do this last summer? I worked a full day, five days a week, came home, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, then worked from 6:30 to midnight or later. Every day. Weekends, I did laundry Saturday morning, and spent the rest of the weekend sewing. Never slept past 8 am, never went to bed before midnight. Took breaks only to made meals and do chores.

Here I am tonight, having sewn for less than two hours, and I am exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.

Okay, it is lightning again. Time to unplug.

What a weird day...

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