Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't underestimate the power of Wild Cherry Luden's Throat Drops

Too bad I can't just eat them one right after the other.

My son had a band concert tonight. I knew this, it tickled at the back of my mind all day. These concerts are mandatory, and he had no ride other than me, so I had to suck it up, and go. Luckily, I sat next to friends, and hid behind a handkerchief all evening. Unluckily, the concert was an hour and a half long, and we had to be there 45 minutes before it started. I nearly emptied my Luden's box. Oh, and no food or drink in the auditorium.

By the time we got home, after a quick run to the store for cereal, bread, soft things for me to eat, and more Luden's it was after 9.

I am wiped out. I woke up this morning at 1:00 am! Could not get fully back to sleep at all. I also could not nap today, thanks to the Sudafed (if you don't try to go to sleep right away after taking the severe cold formula, you get wired). I had to force myself to stay on the couch, and couldn't even focus enough to read. So today really, really sucked, and now I am exhausted. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep tonight, and by tomorrow, maybe the pain in my throat will be better.

Cross your fingers. Good night!

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