Sunday, February 25, 2007


Nothing like seeing a row of toppled high-voltage power towers.

Well, except maybe hearing the news that the line of toppled towers is over 20 miles long.

Seriously bad in the rural areas, in addition to towns.

This evening, as we were watching the last 15 minutes of Battlestar Galactica, my son turns to me and says, "Wouldn't you be pissed off if we lost power right now?" After choking on my margerita, and reminding him to not use that word, I agreed that yes, I would be upset, but I would get over it.

There are worse things than not getting to watch a favorite television show. If we lost power, the last thing on my mind would be TV. I'd be worried about keeping warm enough, and about the groceries in the refrigerator going bad, and wondering if the water would go off, too.

Thankfully, we've been lucky. I keep saying that, but if you were here, and saw how bad it is, you'd understand. Worst storm in close to twenty years.

Someone mentioned round two may be coming next weekend...

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