Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jennifer's No-good, very bad day...

My son called after he got home from school, complaining of a terrible sore throat.

After getting him to take his temp, and asking him some other questions, I called First Nurse, to find out what to do. He's going to the doctor tomorrow morning. I hope he doesn't have strep, but he probably does...

I left work a bit early to check up on him, and make sure he had taken his temp right. Eventually, we decided to go to the store to get some ice cream and other soft food so he could have something to soothe his throat. Poor kid. He had some broth for dinner, followed by a huge bowl of neopolitan ice cream. Yum!

My son managed to find a bright spot, however. "Does this mean we don't have to go to church tonight?"

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