Thursday, March 02, 2006

I know you all are just dying to know...

how the sewing is going...

reposted from the Renaissance Costuming forums, under the name "elinore":

Here are some pictures of my green underskirt and the blue corset:

I wish I had a dress form to show this on, but she has to wait for my birthday and tax return. :)

Wow, you can really tell that the blue thread does not match. I knew I should have used the darker thread that I had, but I already had sewn a few channels before realizing it was so bad. The binding is green satin ribbon, that matches the green underskirt. I wanted golden yellow, but I may just have to add a bit of yellow trim to it. The binding was not yet finished when I took this picture.

Yes, this is going UNDER a bodice, but it is nice to have something pretty to wear under your clothes, right?

Here is a front view of the blue corset. Wow, is that ribbon shiny or what? And am I dumb or what, for not noticing that the left side of the corset has a channel going the WRONG WAY!!!!!


Oh well, I have just a couple of inches to sew on the binding at the top. Then I can finish sewing the binding at the bottom, and start on my eyelets. Hand sewn, of course. :)

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