Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend Highlights

Even after a three hour nap this afternoon, I still don't have quite enough energy to sit down and really write about this weekend. It was just wonderful, and I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

So, here are the highlights (and yes, this list could be much, much, much longer):

• My nephew running across the kitchen floor, yelling, "Touchdown!" while holding his football. He's 14 months old! So cute!
• Holding my niece, showing her the different silk flowers on my sister's wall, while she kept repeating, "Is that?"
• Getting a workout chasing two toddlers around in circles most of the day (don't they take naps?!?!?)
• Changing more poopy diapers...
• Eating lunch at 11, because we wanted to go out to dinner at 4, thereby avoiding the "meltdown" hour.
• Talking with my sisters about anything and everything!
• Showing my 70+ year old grandpa the joys of Google Earth, listening to him express his desire to own a computer, and realizing that yes, he would open every single attachment he ever gets, and realizing that yes, by the love of god, I will do everything in my power to steer him towards an iBook rather than a Dell, if only so I don't have to get a phone call from him telling me that he opened an attachement ("Well, it said it was naked pictures!").
• Hearing my family stand around throwing out ways they can embarass me in front of a certain friend who was joining us for the evening. Oh god, the stories. Finally, I just said, "You know I'm going to tell him all this, right?"
• At the restaurant, my son ordering three tacos, based on my sister telling him that they were really small, only to discover that the soft tacos are huge (the crispy are small). He ate two.
• Watching my nephew try salsa for the first time! He loved it! He also kept trying to steal french fries from my dad's plate.
• My dad telling the chili pepper story, which by far was the most embarassing story he could have told to my friend. Oh god, the chili pepper story (and it wasn't even a story about me!)
• My sister, LeAnn, being on her best behavior, yet managing to be extremely entertaining!
• Tons of funny stories, which are the tip of the iceburg, BTW, and hardly any of them about me! Yay!
• Watching my nephew dance to his play piano.
• My niece playing peek-a-boo, by walking around with her blanket over her head.
• Two of my sisters, the mothers of my niece and nephew, crying with each other because they both want another baby, but need to wait a while. I think a baby commercial started that one...
• My friend being such a good sport! Honestly, the stories could have been worse, and probably will be later!
• My dad, following us right out of the door. Thanks, Dad.
• Being able to offer a beer to my dad at my home, because it reminded me that I GOT CARDED FRIDAY!!!!!
• Not being able to get my right contact lens out. For about 15 minutes!
• This morning, calling my mom at 7:10 am, rather than getting a call at 7:10 am! "I hope we didn't embarrass you too badly..." Yeah... sure you do.... And being able to laugh it off, because there were soooooo many other stories that could have been told....
• My son, rolling over in bed when I reminded him that he wanted to help make bacon and eggs for my dad for breakfast. Finally giving up. "Do you want me to just wake you up when they are done?" "Uh huh... (mumble)"
• Eating only half of my omelet, because I was still full from dinner last night...
• Getting to my sister's house, and discovering that my other sister had talked her husband into staying for lunch at Hickory Park!!!!
• Yes, I got the onion rings!
• Not being able to eat much dinner, because I got the onion rings! (very good!) I even shared, and still ate too many!
• Bursting into tears at the table, while holding my niece, because they were going to be leaving. I couldn't even talk.
• Making my mom and everyone other female at our table cry as we passed around my niece for one last cuddle and kiss.
And finally,
• Sending my son off to my mom and dad's for most of the week, and having him actually be excited about it. Woo hoo! (Yes, I know that I will be missing him before tomorrow night, but it is nice to have a break!)

It was just the most wonderful weekend!!!!!

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