Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thanks WB. For nothing.

So, a certain movie was released on DVD today. A movie that my son and I really enjoyed in the theatre. A movie with three previous episodes, all of which we own on DVD. All of which we bought on the very first day of release. All of which are two-disc sets.

Surprise, surprise. We bought our widescreen version of the Goblet of Fire today, got it home, and... one disc. No special features disc. Come to find out, you have to buy the special edition to get the two-disc set. So, there are THREE versions of the Goblet of Fire. Three.

Oh wait, I forgot about the wal-mart set with the Scene-It sample DVD. So four. Four different options when you want to buy the movie.

The normal price of this single-disc is going to be $20. (It was $14 today, as are almost all new releases at Wal-mart for the first couple of days).

Thank you, WB.

You know, the costs of producing the DVDs are going down, so why the hell are you charging more for less?

What does J.K. Rowling think of this?

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