Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wow, I think I actually feel a little bit better...

I still want to stay in tonight and sleep, prefereably fall asleep on the couch while watching Sixteen Candles for the umpteen billionth time.

It's Wednesday night, so it's time for the weekly fight about religious ed with my son. "It just takes up too much of my time!" he whines. Get over it, you're going. End of discussion.

He has a point about it, though. It lasts an hour and a half, and doesn't get over until fairly late. Sure, it's time to do errands, and goof off, but I usually end up in the back hallway, playing Animal Crossing on my son's DS, waiting for his class to dismiss.

Things to do tonight:

1. Buy bread and salad stuff.
2. Tidy up the house and bathroom,
3. Take couch cover off and shake it out. Note to self: wait until it is finished raining.
4. Find the sheet to the sofa bed and make sure it is clean and aired out for mom and dad.
5. Eat supper (mmm, mmm good... tomato soup).
6. Get hand lotion from Target before my hands dry up and fall off.
7. Watch Project Runway.
8. Call my sister, Movie Star, and talk to her, because for the love of God, we won't see each other for like, two more days! (can't wait! can't wait!!!!)

Oh, and

9. Try to take over the world...

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