Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Costume Frustration

I hate it when the pattern makers do weird things.

I wanted to machine sew the shoulder rolls to the doublet, but the cut of the shoulder pieces is weird, and is making it harder. there are these pieces that jut out, for eyelets for the sleeves, and the shoulder "caps" (I'm using rolls), are hand sewn to the doublet after the lining is attached. to me, this would just make them look funny. So, I wanted to baste the rolls to the shell, and then machine stitch the lining and rolls at the same time.

And that would work, except for the stupid jutting out parts, which I don't need thanks to the lacing rings I am using instead.

Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, and have learned a lot from this piece already. I just think I am going to probably end up cutting off the offending pieces, to make sure that this will work right. I am so close on finishing this. I could have this done except for the buttons and tabs around the bottom, tonight.

If only I can get the shoulder rolls in the right spot...


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