Monday, July 17, 2006


You know how, when you are working on something, and you enter the home stretch, you get all arrogant and smug with yourself. "Yeah, I could have this doublet finished by tomorrow."

And then when you go to turn the doublet right side out after sewing the lining in, and you realize that you sewed the !@#$in' armholes, which means you are never getting it right-side out.

So you have to remove the stitches, only it takes over THREE HOURS, because the shoulder rolls kept the feed dogs from advancing the fabric the right length per stitch.

Anyway, I broke down this afternoon and bought professional level patterns, complete with detailed sewing manuals, so crap like this won't happen on future projects. It won't save me the grief on this one, but I learned my lesson. I am now pinning under both lining and shell, so I can finish this properly. It looks pretty good so far, and all is not lost.

I did, however, say every swear word I know at some point during the process... Sailors and Seamtresses, you know...

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