Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Great Day and Not-so-great Day

Great Day:

Went on picnic after all, saw gorgeous Gray's Lake, stood on the spot where the old hotel used to stand, ate good food, talked with great people, and got a slight sunburn. Then proceeded to get lost in Des Moines, due to the confusing construction signs for 235. Finally made it back to East 14th, after following fruitless signs to the East 235 exit, which never materialized. Since East 14th is highway 69, we followed that back to Ankeny, where I discovered that Hancock Fabrics had Simplicity Patterns for 99 cents, limit five. I found two for my son, and two for me (I bought two sizes of one pattern, as they usually run big, but I didn't want to take that chance). One is a Princess Leia costume from "A New Hope." Halloween costume, anyone? I bought a Pirates of the Carribean pattern for my son, maybe for next year... They also had buttons on sale, so I bought more buttons for the sherrif's doublet, because I wanted more.

Good times, definitely.

Now for the bad news:

North Korea Test-Launches Two Missiles
TOKYO -- The U.S. State Department says North Korea has launched a long-range missile, but that it failed 35 seconds after lifting off.
Experts believe a Taepodong Two could reach the United States with a light payload.
Meanwhile, the Japanese government is confirming that North Korea test-launched three missiles into the Sea of Japan. The confirmation follows reports by Japanese media that as many as four missiles may have been launched.

Welcome to the new Cold War, same as the Old. I kind of got used to living without the fear of total annihilation, what about the rest of you Cold War kids?

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