Friday, July 14, 2006

Leap of Faith

At the garage sale tomorrow, I am selling both of my tents.

The green tent is being sold because the rain fly is so woefully inadequate that to call it a rain fly is almost taunting it. "Yeah, you're a rain fly! LOL snork, snork" Good for fair weather camping, but I spent a week in it, it rained twice, 'nuff said.

The blue tent is fine, actually, I really like it, but it is heavy, and too big for me to put up by myself. And self-sufficiency is key. I don't mind asking for help, but I feel pretty crappy about it when I ask for help putting up my "luxury" tent, when I am the only one staying in it. Plus, it is hitting the magical age when it may decide to let vast amounts of water in on me while I am sleeping.

Both of these tents would be really good for someone who is camping with family, will only be out a couple of nights, and isn't the type to try to stick it out through a rain storm.

Just not good for me anymore. I've got a month until I need one, which is plenty enough time to shop around. I found a two-person backpacker tent, but while the rain fly on that is large, it also fits too closely to the tent, meaning wind would make the fly hit the tent, meaning leaks... Hmmm...

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