Monday, July 03, 2006

To picnic or not to picnic

Regardless, we are grilling marinated chicken breast for lunch tomorrow, and will be snacking on a variety of healthy foods for our 4th of July "party". I say party in the loosest terms, as I don't know if two people can be considered a party. We will try our bestest.

Everyone we know is working or has plans for tomorrow. We may end up staying home and hanging out around the pool. It is not quite so fun for us to go out on a picnic if one person is tending the fire, and the other is wandering around looking for someone to play with. Been there, done that.

Fireworks are a definite plan, however. We have a set place we like to sit, but with the National Special Olympics in town, that's probably not going to be available. We'll leave early, and bring a blanket and extra fireworks to share with other kids (a standing tradition), along with a couple of snacks. Then, after fighting our way out of the parking lot, we'll get home really late, and do more fireworks in our parking lot. Traditions count, even if the family only numbers two.

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